Pet Relocation from Argentina

Bella, Daisy & Milly arrived home safely – EZE / JNB

Thank you so much for all you have done since they first arrived . I am do looking forward to seeing them . You have been so caring and have taken  a lot of the stress away from us knowing they have been well looked after . It was worth every penny . Please thank everyone that has been involved with the care and attention of our girls . Will send you some photos when they arrive here .

Thank you once again!

Bev and Cliff Walker – May, 2020

Penny went back home to California.

Quería agradecerles mucho por todo lo que hicieron para que Penny regresara a California desde Buenos Aires. Me dijeron que no me preocupara desde el principio y que lo manejarían. Eso es exactamente lo que hicieron. Mudarse a otro país es un proceso tan estresante tanto para mí como para Penny. Que todo salga tan bien en la logistica es realmente un alivio que no tiene precio en ese momento estresante. No hubo sorpresas y todo salió mejor que se esperaba. Quería agradecerles personalmente al equipo por su profesionalismo. Me aseguraré de volver a llamarlos cuando surja la necesidad. Gracias.… Continue reading

Princess´s relocation to Sri Lanka

I wanted to thank you for everything you did for our family. Take Princess (our Sharpei) from Buenos Aires Argentina to Colombo Sri Lanka in the middle of what represents the anguish for the trip and the distance, we always felt accompanied. You always gave us information about her and her status. From every step she took till her final destination. Many thanks to the whole team.

Ugarte Romero Family – December, 2019.

Pantera and her new home in Costa Rica

Hola a todos,qué tal? ¡Como les comenté anoche, Pantera llegó muy bien! Les cuento que apenas llegó abrimos su jaula y salió maullando, investigando y olfateando todo, como todo gato. Le hicimos muchos mimos, ronroneaba mucho. Realmente mucho mejor de lo que yo pensaba, pensé que iba a venir más asustada. Luego la subimos a la cama y estuvo ahí con nosotros, como todas las noches. Hoy ya comió y fue a las piedritas, así que la adaptación va muy bien y rápido.

Realmente quiero agradecerles de todo corazón por su excelente trabajo y profesionalismo. Han sido muy pacientes, contestado… Continue reading

Lily: from Buenos Aires to Vienna

Hi Natalia, Lily is home! She seemed remarkably relaxed after her journey & has enjoyed exploring her new home. She’s now settling down to rest & hopefully she will catch up on some sleep & start to adjust soon. I’ve attached some pictures for your info! Thanks again for everything. We will all miss you & all the Las Lunas team!

Very best wishes to you all!

Mary Clarke – August, 2018.

A review from Gringa – UK

The staff at LATAM Pet Transport in Argentina, and at Las Lunas, were absolutely FANTASTIC. Like many pet owners we were extremely nervous about transporting out beloved dog. We are still, 2 months later, so very very grateful for all the help and patience, especially Natalia! We asked the same questions 2 times, or 3 times, and every time you were so helpful. The facilities and staff at Las Lunas were also excellent. We spent every day there with our dog, and it was such a clean, peaceful place. It is such a stressful thing to do, and to have… Continue reading