Brazil Pet Transport

pet-relocation-brazilNeed to ship your pet to Brazil? Let our Latin America pet transport team, provide door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for your pet.  Our professional team of experts will ensure your pet arrives safely.

Our Brazil pet transport service includes the following:

  • Assistance with health certificates, import permits, and all travel documents and consular legalization (when needed)
  • Transport to the airport and assistance until check-in if the pet is traveling as excess baggage with owner
  • IATA approved travel crates and guidance on the size of crate to use for each pet
  • Management of the process to export pets as cargo
    Broker services are needed in Latin American countries to export pets.
  • For exports – home pick up and tender to the airline
  • For imports – customs clearance and delivery to client’s residence
  • Travel consultation and flight reservations
  • Boarding services

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Pet Import Requirements for Brazil

Import Permit: Pets entering Brazil do NOT require an import permit

Health Certificate: Original International Health Certificate issued or endorsed by the Official Veterinarian Service in the country of origin.

Specific Requirements

  • The International Health Certificate must mention the country of origin and the country of destination (Brazil).
  • The Health certificate must mention that the animal has been examined within 10 (ten) days before travelling to Brazil and did not show signs of clinical diseases of the specie.
  • The Health Certificate for animals from countries that officially informed OIE of Rift Fever or African Horse Sickness, the certificate shall also contain the following information:
    occurrences must also mention: there was not an occurrence of an outbreak of these two listed diseases in the last 3 (three) years and within 50 (fifty) km and the animals did not travel or stay in places affected by these diseases, in the last 3 (three) years.

General Requirements

  • The International Health Certificate must have been issued no longer than 10 (ten) days before arrival to Brazil. There is no obligation of rabies serology for cats and dogs imported to Brazil.
  • There is no obligation of specific treatments.
  • If the Health Certificate does not present the Portuguese, English or/and Spanish version, an official translation may be ordered.
  • Legalization is necessary only from countries that require the same procedure from Brazil.

Animals arriving at Brazil without the Health Certificate or with an inaccurate or incomplete International Health Certificate will be sent back to the country of origin, at the expense of the importer.

Rabies Vaccine: Certificate for Rabies vaccination (for animals older than three months, rabies vaccination is mandatory)

In case of first immunization against rabies, the owner of the animal must wait at least 30 (thirty) days before traveling to Brazil; In cases of booster rabies vaccine, the vaccine should have been applied for more than thirty days but less than eleven months of date of arrival in Brazil.

  • Animals with age under to 3 (three) months, cannot enter Brazil
  • Information mandatory in the Certificate for Rabies vaccination:
  • Owner identification and address, animal identification, breed, sex, date of birth, coating color and size and a particular sign of the animal


São Paulo Int’l Airport (Cumbica)

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply:
24 hours (issue of health certificates only Monday-Friday 9:00 – 12:00 / 14:00 – 17:00 at Cargo Terminal)
+55 11 2445-5956

Customs: 24 hours – Pets can often spend hours in export storage waiting by the staff on duty, so it is important to confirm in advance information on the ETA for customs clearance

Rio de Janeiro Int’l Airport (Galeão)

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply:
24 hours (issue of health certificates: Monday-Friday)
+55 21 3398-6275

24 hours – Pets can often spend hours in export storage waiting by the staff on duty, so it is important to confirm in advance information on the ETA for customs clearance.

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What Our Customers Say

Pet Tuca Moved from Brazil to The United Kingdom

Dear Team.

My wife and I just want to share how important you are for us right now. Tuca arrived yesterday and the impression we had was that she was just next door from us – safe, clean, fed, happy and healthy. We really see that your people are proud about what they do, excellent professionals 100% committed to make the difference by showing an extreme level of care and compassion to our beloved pet. Congratulations, you just made our life happier !

All the best,

Ana & Rodolfo


Pet Gatsby Moved from New York to Brazil

Dear All,

 I will certainly recommend you to my  Expat friends- it was a sheer pleasure doing business with you both and  your teams!

Very Best Wishes and may all your furry friends continue to travel safely!

Savannah from California to Brazil

Thank you all so much for caring for Savannah and making her trip smooth and not so stressful. Thank you Josh and the American team and thank you Aline, the Brazilian team, and the Argentinian team for putting all this together. It was a wonderful experience and worrisome too a bit, since this was Savannah’s first flight and a long one for that matter. Larry and I are grateful for your efforts.

 Larry and Eliane

Chuck and Princess from Boston to Brazil
 Now I want to take a time to thank you all that have been involved in my pet’s transportation. I am really relieved and glad that everything went well. The dogs are happy at home now and my husband couldn’t be more thankful.
 Thank you all for you attention, your patience with me and my worries, thank you for your cooperation and of course thank you for treating my dogs well.  God bless you all !!!!
Thanks a lot.

 Boris from Argentina to Brazil

Hi all,

Boris has arrived!! He is already at home with me! He is doing fine…just getting used to his new home and odors. Thanks a lot to everyone for taking care of him and everything regarding on him. I appreciate your effort and work. We stay in touch.Thanks again to everyone for all the great work done.

Benny from Brazil to USA

“Gostamos bastante do serviço de vocês. As informações de como seria o transporte, as atualizações durante a viagem com as fotos nos deixaram bem mais tranquilos.

A entrega foi feita no horário programado e tudo correu muito bem. Vocês são bastante atenciosos e ágeis para responder nossas perguntas.  Certamente recomendaríamos o serviço de vocês a quem precisar de uma indicação.