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Since 1985, LATAM Pet Transport is in the business of high-quality pet relocation. We are experts in getting your pets to your new home in a quick, safe, relaxed and humane manner. Our background is that of a company formed by people who know about pets; we are specialists and we love what we do.

With locations throughout Latin America, we are uniquely situated to offer full service to pets being exported or imported to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

LATAM is your solution for importing or exporting your pet via several major Latin American Airports.  LATAM Pet Transport will take responsibility for booking, documentation verification and Customs clearance at the following Latin American cities:

More cities / ports will be added in the near future.  LATAM staff are excellent at Customer Service and will guide you carefully through the documentation process to ensure your pets are cleared promptly upon arrival.

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What Our Customers Say:

viaje-romulo-testimonialManuel y Mariela:

Ayer llego Rómulo, ya lo tenemos en casa alegrando nuestras vidas. Ahora si podemos decir que la familia esta instalada en Australia. Queria darles las gracias porque ustedes, LATAM,  fueron una parte muy importante para que podamos estar juntos. Gracias por el muy buen trato, por responder a cada una de mis consultas y por tranquilizarme con cada una de sus palabras. Les mando una foto de Rómulo en casa. Muy gracias nuevamente.  Muy feliz Navidad y un excelente 2014.


Dear Mariela,

I apologize that it has taken me so long to write and thank you and everyone
else who was involved in Tina’s safe trip from Buenos Aires to Anchorage,
Alaska. You were very helpful and your team was always professional and
responsive. I felt comfortable knowing that you were watching out for Tina.

During her very long trip, I was very worried about her, especially during
her overnight stay in Houston. One United service representative provided
me a number for the Houston kennel and I was able to speak to one of the
people who was scheduled to walk her and receive an update.

My very dear friends, Ray and Dyanne Brown, are thinking of traveling from
Buenos Aires to Anchorage with their older dog. I have copied them with
this email so they know how to contact you for information.

Regards and best wishes,