Argentina Pet Transport Service

pet-transport-argentinaNeed to ship your pet to Argentina? Let our Latin America pet transport team, provide door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for your pet.  Our professional team of experts will ensure your pet arrives safely.

Our Argentina pet transport service includes the following:

  • Assistance with health certificates, import permits, and all travel documents and consular legalization (when needed)
  • Transport to the airport and assistance until check-in if the pet is traveling as excess baggage with owner
  • IATA approved travel crates and guidance on the size of crate to use for each pet
  • Management of the process to export pets as cargo
    Broker services are needed in Latin American countries to export pets.
  • For exports – home pick up and tender to the airline
  • For imports – customs clearance and delivery to client’s residence
  • Travel consultation and flight reservations
  • Boarding services

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 Pet Shipping Guidelines For Argentina
(From all countries of origin, except Asian and African countries)

  • Rabies vaccine certificate
    Date of rabies vaccination must be at least 30 and 360 days at most before date of departure. This requisite is only required for any cat/dog over 3 months of age.
  • Health Certificate
    Must be dated not before than 10 days prior to departure date and must be issued by the official authority of the country of origin (Example: USDA in the United States). This certificate must be written in or translated into Spanish and must contain:

    • Owner’s name and address
    • Animal’s data: breed, sex, birth date, size, color and particular signs.
    • Country of origin and transit points, if applicable.
    • Statement: “the animal has been examined within 10 days before departure date, not showing any clinical signs of diseases.
  • Quarantine
    All animals that comply with the above requisites will not be put into quarantine.
  • Consulate Stamp
    Currently, it is not required to put a Consulate stamp in the certificate.
  • Import Permit
    No Import Permit required for dogs and cats with country of origin other than Asian or African countries. (for such countries an Import Permit is required, and some additional text has to be included in the health certificate as well). Please, check with las lunas about such countries.

Valid only for ASIAN and AFRICAN export countries

In Argentina

Import Permit
Apply for an Import Permit 10 days before planned arrival

Health Certificate
Accompany pet with one health certificate, dated not more than 10 days before arrival

Rabies Vaccine
Also, accompany pet with a valid rabies vaccine, dated not less than 30 days and not more than 360 days before arrival.

In Country of Origin

Health Certificate
In order to apply for the Import Permit, we need you to send via fax a Health Certificate, signed by a veterinarian and also stamped by the official Sanitary Authority in the country of origin. This health certificate must be dated not more than 10 days before planned arrival.

Health certificate must include the following text:

  • Name & Address of owner. Breed, sex, birth date, color, size and special signs of the animal.
  • Country of origin, country of destination and countries of transit, where applicable.
  • Statement certifying that “there has been no cases reported of African Horse Sickness and/or Rift Valley Fever diseases for the last three years in the area of residence of the animal and in an area of 50 kilometers within it.”
  • Statement certifying that “the animal has not been during that period of time in any area or region where those diseases were present”.
  • Statement certifying that “the animal has been examined within 10 days prior to departure, not showing any signs of clinical disease”.

You can have it done in English and we will translate it into Spanish in Argentina.

Rabies Vaccine Certificate
You should send via fax with the Health Certificate the Rabies Vaccination Certificate. It is not a difficult paperwork, but you need to be very careful to include all the text needed. If any part of it is missing, we will not be able to process the Import Permit. Also, as important as that, is that the health certificate you issue MUST have the official stamp and signature of the Department of Agriculture of the country of origin.

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What Our Customers Say

Tina- Buenos Aires to Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you and everyone else who was involved in Tina’s safe trip from Buenos Aires to Anchorage, Alaska. You were very helpful and your team was always professional and responsive. I felt comfortable knowing that you were watching out for Tina.
During her very long trip, I was very worried about her, especially during her overnight stay in Houston. One United service representative provided me a number for the Houston kennel and I was able to speak to one of the people who was scheduled to walk her and receive an update.
My very dear friends, Ray and Dyanne Brown, are thinking of traveling from Buenos Aires to Anchorage with their older dog. I have copied them with this email so they know how to contact you for information.

Regards and best wishes,

ENZO – Martin Barreiro dog from Argentina to Mexico

argentina-to-mexico-pet-traCuando llegó el momento de planificar nuestra mudanza a México DF, lo primero que nos preguntamos fue “¿Cuántos trámites y dolores de cabeza implicará el traslado de Enzo, (nuestro labrador de dos años) …?”  Por suerte, dimos con “LATAM”, quienes se hicieron cargo de todo el proceso. De punta a punta; desde la preparación de la documentación, pasando por conseguir la jaula de trasporte (algo no tan simple …) y terminando con el despacho de Enzo en Ezeiza.
Todo fluyó sin el menor contratiempo y siempre con la mejor predisposición por parte de “LATAM”.
Enzo y sus dueños les recomendamos ampliamente este servicio!


4 pets Argentina to Germany fwd to London


Just to let you know I have just had a text telling me animals passed DEFRA and will be on a train to the UK soon. Once again thank you for a job well done and being so patient with my questions and worries. You have made a family very happy for xmas.

Ian Nye


Pet Romulo Moved from Argentina to Australia

Manuel y Mariela:

viaje-romulo-testimonialAyer llego Rómulo, ya lo tenemos en casa alegrando nuestras vidas. Ahora si podemos decir que la familia esta instalada en Australia. Queria darles las gracias porque ustedes, LATAM,  fueron una parte muy importante para que podamos estar juntos. Gracias por el muy buen trato, por responder a cada una de mis consultas y por tranquilizarme con cada una de sus palabras. Les mando una foto de Rómulo en casa. Muy gracias nuevamente.

Muy feliz Navidad y un excelente 2014.


Buenos Aires to Los Angeles (“Toxu” Rotweiller)pet-transport-to-buenos-air


Aca te mando la única foto que saque, ya después te mando más. La verdad que estamos super contentos y otra vez te digo mil gracias y muy bueno el servicio de ustedes, lo vuelvo a elegir y recomiendo a LATAM con los ojos cerrados. Gracias y seguimos en contacto. besossss

The USA to Argentina (Juana)

A todos Uds.

Les quiero decir muchísimas gracias por todo lo que hicieron por Juana y para que su viaje sea lo mejor posible. Ella esta bien con mi papa y comenzando la adaptación a su nueva vida. Quede muy satisfecha con sus servicios y de nuevo muchas gracias por todo lo que hicieron!!

Saludos y hasta la próxima..


To all of you

I want to say thank you very much for everything you did for Juana. She had a great trip and now she  safely with my dad, adapting to their new home. I want to thank everyone who made this possible and tell  that we are very satisfied with their services.



Buenos Aires to Munich, Germany (Jackie)


All well. Jackie is with me. Everything went perfect! I picked her up yesterday a the airport and then we drove to Munich. They all took great care of her. I am so happy and excited. Let me thank your for all your support and help. This process & organization was perfect!!! I will sent later a picture and more infos, but I need to organize a few pet items over here.

Muchissiam gracias,


Tucuman, Argentina to Los Angeles, California (Huan)


I just wanted to thank you both again for helping Ramiro and I to successfully relocate Huan to our new home in Los Angeles from Tucuman.  When we first started looking for ways to get Huan here we just encountered lots of closed doors.  Luckily we found LATAM.  You really helped to take the pressure off by handling everything yourself and being very clear about what we needed to do on our end.  I really enjoyed all of the pictures you sent.  They helped me to feel calmer about his journey.  I could tell that the people at  LATAM really care about his well being.  Now, thanks to all of your hard work he is home and healthy!


Thank you both very much!

Richmond, Virignia to Buenos Aires, Argentina (Stella)

Courtney, Stella, and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the service that you guys provided in helping getting Stella from Richmond, Virignia to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Since day 1, you guys have been nothing but professional and it only got better as we progressed.  The contact with Mariela on the days leading up to her leaving and the day she left was nothing shy of exceptional.  The contact with my wife and I during her flight and upon her arrival showed you guys are extremely passionate about what you do.  I will be sharing your information with all of our friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We look forward to working with you all in the upcoming years to move back to the United States.

Thank you very much,

Michael, Courtney, and Stella


moving pets from argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina to New Jersey, USA

 I used Las Lunas to transport my three year old Cocker Spaniel, Charlie, from Buenos Aires to New Jersey, USA. As most pet owners can relate to, this was an incredibly stressful time and I was really anxious about him making the trip. From the beginning LATAM Pet Transport was responsive and organized; proving helpful information and answering the multitude of questions that I had. After they picked him up to take him to the airport they sent me photos and videos during every stage in the process until he was turned over about two hours before the flight to the airline personnel. I feel like they people with LATAM Pet Transport really care about the animals and are sensitive to the stresses that owners face during such times. I would definitely recommend this company. Here is a photo of Charlie very happy in the US.


From Argentina to China

Take a look below at 1 of the 17 seals we moved from Uruguay to China.

Animal transportation

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