pet handlers

Hannah & Bootsy´s relocation to Ecuador.

The service LATAM provided was excellent. In the middle of the flight from Houston to Quito, Mariela called me after hours home to help correct an issue with the airway bill, while simultaneously dealing with her young children 😊 And Hugo, what can I say, it would have been impossible without him! He is a miracle worker! He picked me up at the airport and we went to the customs warehouse at then transported the animals to the hotel. I think it helps that he knows virtually everybody at the customs animal immigration. Please pass on our appreciation for this… Continue reading

Penny went back home to California.

Quería agradecerles mucho por todo lo que hicieron para que Penny regresara a California desde Buenos Aires. Me dijeron que no me preocupara desde el principio y que lo manejarían. Eso es exactamente lo que hicieron. Mudarse a otro país es un proceso tan estresante tanto para mí como para Penny. Que todo salga tan bien en la logistica es realmente un alivio que no tiene precio en ese momento estresante. No hubo sorpresas y todo salió mejor que se esperaba. Quería agradecerles personalmente al equipo por su profesionalismo. Me aseguraré de volver a llamarlos cuando surja la necesidad. Gracias.… Continue reading

Princess´s relocation to Sri Lanka

I wanted to thank you for everything you did for our family. Take Princess (our Sharpei) from Buenos Aires Argentina to Colombo Sri Lanka in the middle of what represents the anguish for the trip and the distance, we always felt accompanied. You always gave us information about her and her status. From every step she took till her final destination. Many thanks to the whole team.

Ugarte Romero Family – December, 2019.

Mosquito and Toby´s trip from Sao Paulo to Boston

Aline, muito obrigada por tudo! Por favor agradeça a toda a equipe e, principalmente ao Sr. Carlos, adoramos o serviço e atenção! Eu ainda tenho a Layla e a Cleo , vamos ver né? Vou ficar com seu contato pra divulgar aos amigos e tb para meu uso futuro!

Aline, thank you very much for everything! Please thank the whole team and, specially Mr. Carlos, we loved the service and attention! I still have Layla and Cleo contact numbers. I will call you in the future and recommend you to my friends.

Marta Vasques – May, 2019.