Chichi’s Trip To Mexico

Hola, me llamo Chichi. I am a Chihuahua from Bogota, Colombia. In my spare time, I like to dance to Vallenato music that my owner is always playing and occasionally take sips from my owner’s coffee( As a dog, I am not allowed to drink coffee but Colombian coffee is like no other and I get really energized!). Bogota is an interesting place for a dog like me. I feel lucky to have such a great owner because unfortunately, there are a lot of stray dogs in Colombia. Anyways, I am writing this to tell you about my departure from my home in Colombia. My owner and I are moving to Mexico and I am nervous and excited at the same time.Before my move, I have to get some stuff done to prepare me for travel!

I first went to the vet so he can check me out and do some necessary procedures to get into Mexico. I had to get a rabies vaccination, to protect me from getting rabies! The vet visit went pretty well I would say because I was not scared or in pain at all. Towards the end of the visit, the vet had to sign a lot of paperwork so I can travel to Mexico. Then I received a crate for me to travel in during the process. The crate was not too small, not too big, but the perfect size. The vet told my owner that I would have to adapt to being in this over the next few weeks by spending small amounts of time in the crate.

Hasta Luego Colombia, Hola Mexico. The move day had finally arrived. I was picked up in a van, ready to go to the airport. At the airport, I was let out of my crate, given water and was played with. I was not given food though because it could give me a stomach ache before the flight. I felt more relaxed about the upcoming flight now. I also was not that nervous because I knew that the flight from Colombia to Mexico would not be that long. Before I knew it, I was up in the air ready to explore my new home in Mexico.

I arrived in my new country! I was anxious to see all that Mexico had offered. When I heard other dogs and humans speaking Spanish, it sounded a little different but I can still understand it! This made me feel reassured. Then, I did this thing called “clearing customs” so that I was able to be let in Mexico. When I arrived in Mexico, I was surprised and relieved that I was let out of my crate. I was taken to this comfortable room in the airport where I was able to run around. Even though clearing customs in Mexico can be long, I did not mind because I was at ease and felt comfortable in my surroundings. After my flight, I was taken home by a very nice driver who welcomed me to Mexico. When I arrived, I was amazed by my new home and surroundings in Playa del Carmen. There were palm trees everywhere, bright blue water and everyone just seemed to be happy. When the driver took me out of my crate when we arrived, I ran to my owner and gave him a puppy kiss. I explored my new home and saw a huge bed with “Chichi” written on it! I was pretty tired after my flight so I took a nap. The next day, my owner took me to the beach where we relaxed and saw all that Playa del Carmen had to offer. Mexico is pretty awesome and I am so happy to call this new place my home.   Chihuahua